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Colour: black or white
Size: X-Small to X-Large
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Good quality elasticised Morgan shin pad protectors lower leg guards (pair).
* Impact absorbing inner foam padded for the best protection around the most important shin area.
* Flexible elasticised fabric pulls on like a sock and conforms to the shin area for the most comfortable fit.
* Ideal for beginners and those who bruise their shins easily during martial arts drills and sparring
* Quick and easy to slip on and take off, just as easy as slipping on a sock.
* Thick enough padded to protect the shins but not too big or bulky so these shin pads will not slow down your kicks or your fast footwork.
* Logo branding may vary.

Shin Pads Size / Mens Shoe Sizes:
X-Small/4-5, Small/5-6, Medium/6-8, Large/8-10, X-Large/10-14.

There is nothing worse than getting a bruise on a bruise. Big bruises not only look unsightly, they can also take a long time to heal properly especially if you keep getting the same bruise hit and you do not protect them with shin pads.

These Morgan shin guard protector pads will protect you from most annoying bruises that if not allowed to heal can become debilitating and effect both your performance and your confidence.

Train harder and train smarter by wearing shin pad protector guards to protect yourself from bruises and injuries.

Masters Tip:
Pull back kicks more for better balance and less bruises on the shins against opponents who over block.
Try a fake and quick switch to the opening created by the over blocker.

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