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Colour: black/white
Size: Medium or Large
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Top quality Morgan Lycra compression wear shorts.
* Tight fit skin compression wear short pants.
* Ergonomically patterned to accommodate the male anatomy so as to provide the best shape and fit.
* Reinforced stitching and flexible crotch area allows you to move more freely.
* Ideal underwear for all sports and fitness training, football, martial arts etc.
* Wearing compression shorts increases circulation, reduces muscle fatigue and helps to maintain body temperature.
* Wearing compression wear shorts may reduce muscle and ligament strains and soreness by helping to reduce muscle vibration whilst improving muscle alignment and optimal position.
* These compression shorts do not have a groin protector cup pocket.

Morgan Compression Wear Shorts Waist Size/CM:
M/70-85, L/80-90, XL/85-95.

These Morgan skin tight Lycra compression wear short pants are perfect for optimising your performance with all types of sporting and physical activities and physical fitness training, aerobics, yoga, running, hiking, bike riding etc.

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