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Top quality Morgan barbell pad for squats and lunges.
* Extra heavy duty high density moulded inner foam padding for the neck and shoulder area.
* Inner hole cut with split seam opening and Velcro closure fits various size barbells.
* Can fit over larger bars with Velcro seam closure left wide open.
* Strong and comfortable Neoprene design that will not come loose during workouts.
* One piece inner foam and easy to wash covers.
* Barbell is not included.

This Morgan barbell squat pad is ideal for weight training squats and lunges and functional fitness training.
The solid construction and effective design makes this Morgan Barbell Squat Pad suitable for everyday gym use and can fit any standard or Olympic straight barbell.
The Barbell Squat Pad can take a pounding due to its heavy duty construction. The design also helps you maintain optimum form and keeps your neck free from undue stress and strain.
This Barbell Squat Pad has a “Class A” rating and is unmatched in its field and is the ultimate in reliability and durability.
This new squat pad provides you with the ability to have effective workouts while at the same time maximise the effectiveness of your fitness regimen.
The Barbell Squat Pad is versatile so you can take it to the gym or use it at home. Wherever you decide to use the squat pad, it will bring your fitness training to a whole new level.

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