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Morgan Tri-Max Free Standing Punching Bags
5 out of 5 stars (5)
Code: PB-26-A
Colour: Black No Numbers or Black With Numbers
Size: 6ft total height x 42cm wide foam top
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

Top quality Morgan extra large 6 foot high free standing Tri-Max upright punching bag.
Choose black colour either with or without numbers.
This upright Morgan free standing punching bag has a rigid core so the foam top does not bend and rebound or bob around when you hit it making it much easy to use for boxing fitness and martial arts kickboxing training.
High density foam top with a solid rigid PVC tube that goes straight up the core of the bag so it neatly fits straight onto the solid PVC tube that goes up through the PVC plastic base.
Black colour with numbers free standing punching bags are perfect for target training and for practising speed and accuracy with numbered combination drills.
Fill the base with water or with recommended building supplies clean sand up to 90 kg in weight.
Clean sand from building or landscaping supplies is the recommended preferred method of filling for maximum stability.
Excellent stability designed for typical light weight free sparring punching and kicking.
Great for speed, accuracy and endurance training.
Perfect for honing your 360 degrees sparring speed striking combinations and footwork as you can circle right around the bag.
May move with excessive force or if you are pushing with your strikes.
There is a small amount of rocking with the base to allow for impact distribution so it best to use on a mat or floor surface with a bit of traction so the base does not move.
Ideal for supervised gym use or for personal training at home.

The Morgan Tri-Max free standing punching bag is a great training aid designed to improve your overall fitness levels whilst focusing on your speed, endurance and accuracy with your martial arts kicking and boxing skills using protective padded gloves.

Please be aware free standing upright punching bags are not designed as a full contact target for uncontrolled slamming nor is it designed for hard hitting full contact martial artists.

It is also not suitable for extreme power striking, flying kicks or hitting with batons or any hard or sharp object and not recommended for heavy duty commercial use.

No jewellery or weaponry should be used on the product as it may cause severe wear and possible lacerations of the product.

To maintain this light weight hitting target there are available spare parts that will need to be purchased after a period of time depending on normal general wear usage.

General wear and tear and misuse of this product is not covered by any manufacturers warranty.

The Tri-Max free standing punching bag should stay upright and stationary at all times especially when in use as the bag is not designed to be tilted, bent or laid on the floor as the rigid core is plastic and not flexible.
The foam top cannot be removed and used as a ground and pound bag or as a tackle bag or for any other purpose that is not designed for.

If this free stand bag is tilted on the side for training or rolled away for storage when the base is full it will break.

Please take great care when lifting or relocating the Tri-Max Free Standing Punching Bag.
If you need to move the Tri-Max Free Standing Punching Bag when the base is filled with either sand or water it must be done as a two or three man operation.
If you have difficulty carrying the bag with two people you may try to carefully manoeuvre a rug or tough blanket under the base so you maybe able to side the unit across the floor surface by pulling on the rug.

The above guidelines for recommended use of this product should be understood and followed to avoid any misuse that is not covered by manufacturers flaw warranty.
This means any common flaw found in the product that has been acknowledged by the manufacturer is covered under warranty only if the product is not misused.
This is why it is essential that free standing punching bags should never be left with unsupervised access.

DELIVERY: The cost of freight will be confirmed post order as free standing punching bags are too bulky for AusPost.
Kindly proceed with your order and we will choose the most reliable and economical courier available.
If the freight cost can be reduced we will apply a refund to your order payment.
If the freight cost needs to be increased we will contact you to request your approval to add the difference to your order payment.

ASSEMBLY: The Tri-Max free standing bag consists of 3 parts. 1 x Base, 1 x Small inner base tube & 1 x Foam top with Inner plastic cylinder which cannot be removed.

Step 1: To assemble first put some fine smooth talcum powder on the Small Inner Base Tube and then insert the base tube up through the bottom of the base and push it in as far as it will go. You can push down on the base with your hands and feet to push the base down further onto the inner base tube.
Do not jump on the base.
The Inner base tube maybe found inside the foam top and is very tight fitting when you push it up through the base.

Step 2: Now decide first where you wish to use the bag and position the base exactly where you want it on the floor.

Step 3: Fill the base with water or preferably dry sand for more stability. When the base is full you can push down on the base again with your hands and feet to make sure the inner tube is up into the base as far as it will go.
Remember not to jump up and down on the base or tilt or roll the base when it is full.

Step 4. Slip on the foam top; the inner cylinder will slip onto the inner base tube.
Note: It is recommended NOT to use any nuts and bolts for better impact distribution when you attach the inner cylinder and base tube together.

Once the base is filled, to avoid damage, remember do not to tilt or roll the base.
Moving the punch master is a 2-3 man operation.

Dimensions: Approx. 6 feet (183 cm) total height with 42 cm wide top foam bag on top of a large capacity PVC base 40 cm high x 60 cm diameter, holds up to 90 kg sand or water.

Masters Tips: Always use good quality bag mitts or boxing gloves to reduce impact.
Do not focus too much on power and pull back your strikes quickly so you maintain good balance and do not push with your strikes.
Work on balance, accuracy, defence, footwork, timing, speed and endurance.
Real power and endurance comes when you are relaxed and have mastered the perfect timing.

5 out of 5 stars (5)
  • Morgan Tri-Max Free Standing Punching Bags Awesome service!

    Cannot believe how quick this bag was sent out and delivered. So happy with this purchase it’s a fantastic bag and will be used by the whole family. Peter was fantastic to deal with and has the best prices going around. I look forward to purchasing more items . Thanks Peter!

    By: Tanya on | Was this helpful?   (2/2)
  • Morgan Tri-Max Free Standing Punching Bags Great service. Fast delivery.

    Great service. Really happy with my purchase.
    Thank you Peter.

    By: Erica on | Was this helpful?   (7/6)
  • Morgan Tri-Max Free Standing Punching Bags Incredible customer experience

    Cannot recommend Peter highly enough! I ordered this product last week and it arrived the next day. The price is the best out there, and delivery costs unbelievably reasonable. Once i confirmed that it had arrived Peter sent a follow up email including assembly instructions. I'm delighted and will purchase all my kit here moving forward.

    By: Rebekah on | Was this helpful?   (55/57)
  • Morgan Tri-Max Free Standing Punching Bags Great product, great service

    Super fast delivery, great customer service in terms of how product is assembled and very happy with product. Highly recommend

    By: Rose on | Was this helpful?   (57/55)
  • Morgan Tri-Max Free Standing Punching Bags good service

    Good service and quick delivery, thanks Universal Self Defence

    By: Steve on | Was this helpful?   (71/62)
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