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Colour: red
Size: Standard adult size
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

Top quality Morgan high speed skipping rope with nylon cord and super grip handles.
* Technologically advanced super grip handles with ZZ bearings gives you superior grip comfort and consistently smooth ultra quick rope rotation and overall exceptional high performance.
* Thick 5 mm wide nylon cord rope also ensures a fast and reliable skipping action on most floor surfaces.
* Ideal standard adult size rope and handle length approx. 307 cm long from end to end of handles.

This Morgan Ultra quick super grip skipping rope with nylon cord and super grip handles is a great reliable high performing skipping jump rope ideal for boxing and martial arts fitness training and for any athlete who needs to stay super light and quick on their feet.

If you are looking for an ideal high performance skipping rope suitable for both the novice skipper to to elite athlete level then the ultra quick Morgan super grip skipping rope is indeed a great choice.

Masters Tips:
Make your skipping workout more fun by playing your favourite music, try different footwork and time your skipping rounds according to your fitness goals.
Always warm up first and never skip barefoot on hard surfaces for long periods of time.
Skipping on rough concrete surfaces is never recommended due to not only the wear and tear of the rope but also if you skip with bare feet long term the repetitive high impact on rock hard surfaces may cause long term injury to your muscles, tendons, bones and joints

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