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Morgan V2 Ear Guards Ear Protectors
5 out of 5 stars (2)
Code: EAR-1-V2
Colour: black
Size: One Adult size for all
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Top quality V2 Morgan ear guard protectors.
* Designed for BJJ, jiu-jitsu, wrestling, grappling and MMA training.
* Comfortable for both you and your partner.
* Made from durable neoprene outer casing with hard plastic ear protectors.
* Shock Tech foam compound to absorb shock and evenly distribute impact.
* Unique interlock design with extra thickness to protect your entire head.
* Strategically located ventilation system with perforations to increase airflow.
* Hook & loop Velcro strap for best adjustable secure fit with no bulge and easy on/off.

The V2 Morgan ear guards are manufactured using highly resilient materials with a plastic ear shield, foam padding to dissipate shock when engaged in a close fight and strategically located perforated holes to give fighters maximum breath-ability, and a unique interlocking system to help protect the head as well as the ears.

With the easy to adjust hook & loop strap you need not worry about any movement or slippage with this top of the range MMA ear guard.

Morgan V2 ear guards provide excellent ear guard protection to stop extensive ear damage, soreness and eventual deformity when wrestling, grappling and participating in other activities where the ears are subjected to repeatedly coming into rough physical contact.

Next time you have your ears roughed up think about what permanent disfigurement you may end up with, like having cauliflower ears, if you do not wear some type of ear protection.

If you do not want to be held back doing the sport you love and like to think about long term protection to avoid ear damage then the v2 Morgan ear guards are the best investment you will ever make.

Grab a pair of Morgan V2 ear guards today before its too late!

5 out of 5 stars (2)
  • Morgan V2 Ear Guards Ear Protectors Customer Service

    I previously have tried to buy these ear guards from two other online re-sellers who claimed to be the best. After I lost more than three weeks chasing them in order to get any information about my order, I decided to cancel it. They didn't reply on emails, didn't provide information about order, and they claimed to have item in stock which they didn't.

    Official Morgan Distributor redirected me to this website where my order has been processed in a couple of minutes (transaction and shipment). Email correspondence was fast as they replied immediately on any question. This was the small order and still they provided great customer service, which is usually good indicator how someone is conducting the business.

    It was a big relief to finally have experience with professional and customer orientated people.

    Recommendation to everyone who is looking for any combat equipment.

    By: Gorjan on | Was this helpful?   (40/40)
  • Morgan V2 Ear Guards Ear Protectors Morgan Ear Guards - Ear Protectors

    Looked all over the country and read all the online reviews to see what the best ear protection for BJJ/… more

    By: Greg Wright on | Was this helpful?   (54/45)
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