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Code: CG-4V2
Colour: black
Size: One adult size with adjustable straps
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Professional quality Morgan Elite V2 coaches full body chest protector body guard with training target areas.
* Full body guard designed for elite level target training drills whilst protecting the trainer's chest, ribs, upper and lower abdomen, pelvis, groin and major body organs.
* Best all round protection against punches, hooks, uppercuts, kicks and knees with additional protection over the main target areas with raised target zones on the front and side areas.
* Contour shape designed to wrap around the ribs and kidney area without restricting shoulders and arms so the trainer can easily handle all the big hits at various angles whilst holding focus mitt pads.
* Heavy duty durable construction with E-17 commercial strength cover and high impact absorbing closed cell EVA inner padding.
* Two adjustable padded shoulder straps and rear back waist strap provides the best secure fit.

The Morgan V2 Elite Chest & Body Guard Targets are ideal for all martial arts and boxing training activities where the training coach needs the highest level of all round body protection whilst holding focus pads and doing high level target training drills with the martial arts athlete.

If you are a martial arts or boxing trainer or coach that likes to give your fighters the most challenging workout without holding back then this Morgan V2 Elite Chest & Body Guard Target is designed just for you!

One adult size with adjustable straps at the back.

Chest & Body Guard Dimensions:
63 cm high x 70 cm wide (around the body) x 4.5 cm thick approx.

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