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New V2 Version 2 Morgan easy boxing hand wraps (pair) featuring the most advanced Gel Shock and mesh air cooling system technology.
* Comes with the latest Gel shock technology around the knuckle area and rubberised finger inserts to help dissipate the force upon impact to protect the fingers and knuckles and prevent muscle, bone and joint injuries.
* Strong stretchable Neoprene body offers more firm and secure support.
* New air cooling mesh system allows the air to ventilate and flow through to keep your hands cooler and dryer.
* Elastic metacarpal strap to provide a tighter more secure fit.
* Very easy on/off with adjustable secure double hook and loop elastic quick wrist wrap strap and Velcro closure.
* Best easy hand wraps available for boxing or kickboxing training.
* Can be worn inside boxing gloves or used on their own.

Morgan V2 Elite Gel Shock Easy Hand Wraps Hand Size / Width around knuckles in cm:
Small / 15-18, Medium / 17-21, Large / 20-25.

The Morgan V2 Elite Gel Shock Easy Hand Wraps are not only fast and convenient to put on and take off before every boxing workout, they are also the best easy hand wraps available and are way ahead of the rest offering you the maximum in comfort, support and protection.

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