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Colour: red/black
Size: One adult size for all
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Top quality V2 Morgan professional trainers chest protector body guard.
* Ultra light weight and new sleek design insures the trainer's mobility is less impeded by the body shield.
* Protects against injury to trainer's chest, abdomen, liver, ribs and major body organs.
* Designed to protect against punches, hooks, uppercuts, kicks and knees with additional side protection.
* 360 degrees of unrestricted shoulder movement made possible with true fit shoulder system to ensure the trainer has full mobility while coaching.
* Unrestricted leg range of motion with angled hip line for lower body protection.
* V Spine design for maximum adjust ability to fit a large range of body shapes and sizes with two adjustable buckle straps.
* Made of industrial quality synthetic Rich PU to withstand the most rigorous training workouts.
* Padded shoulder straps and perfectly balanced to comfortably sit on your shoulders.
* Ergonomically designed adjustment straps at the shoulders, back and sides for the best most comfortable fit.

The V2 Morgan Endurance Pro Trainers Chest Guard Body Protectors are perfect for many martial arts training activities where the trainer or coach needs a very high level of protection whilst still being able to move freely enough to be able to interact with the martial arts athlete.

One size fits all with V Spine rear design for maximum adjustable flexibility to fit different body shapes and sizes.

Includes two adjustable straps with buckles.

If you are a coach that likes to go the distance to give your fighters the most challenging workout ever then this Pro Trainers Chest Guard Body Protector will be your best friend whenever you are in the gym.

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