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The Morgan Endurance Speedball Bearing Swivel is constructed from the most durable high grade steel and coated in black nickel to protect it against natural wear and weathering. It is also reinforced with industrial strength ball bearings making it an elite level speedball swivel.
The ball bearing swivel helps develop co-ordination, timing, and footwork. It is what makes all the difference in a good speedball workout.
A reduced central hub for speed, balance, and improved rhythm with every ball action.
* High steel for outstanding strength and fixture stability.
* Black nickel coated for optimum protection against natural wear and weathering.
* Superior quality ball bearings with low friction for enhanced movement.
* Quick release pin design for easy and convenient removal of the speed ball bag.

Designed with low friction and a reduced core, athletes will benefit from the smooth rotation and enhanced speed and movement with every hit Finished off with a quick-release feature, changing or removing the speedball for storage is easier than ever.
This is the ultimate speedbag hanger for pro gyms and boxing institutes.
Our Morgan endurance speedball swivel also comes with necessary fixings for easy installation.

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