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Colour: black
Size: UK 6 / US 7 to UK 11 / US 12
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Top quality Morgan medium cut V2 High Performance boxing shoes.
* Ideal shoes for boxing, wrestling and weight lifting.
* Made from high quality sports shoe materials with upper combination of suede leather, cowhide leather and tight weave mesh to ensure maximum comfort and ventilation.
* Lightweight mid sole with supportive EVA heel wedge.
* Fully stitched and glued, non slip multi directional outer sole bottom pattern provides the optimum amount of pivot flexibility and grip.
* Secure Velcro fastening strap that ensures your ankles are well protected and supported.
* Non marking honeycomb colour bottom soles gives you a great shoe to use on both boxing canvases and wrestling mats.

These Morgan V2 High Performance medium cut boxing shoes are perfect for boxing, wrestling and other sporting activities where a light weight comfortable high performing shoe is needed with just the right amount of grip so you can still pivot, turn and move freely about whilst workout or when competing.

The Morgan V2 High Performance medium cut boxing shoes are specially designed for all athletes that like to train hard and feel good.

See UK/USA/Euro boxing shoes size chart and outside shoe measurements below.
Boxing shoes are made from lightweight material so the inside dimensions are practically the same as the outside.

Mens Size UK/USA/Euro/Length x Width cm:
Size UK 6/USA 7/Euro 41/27 cm x 9.5 cm.
Size UK 7/USA 8/Euro 42/28 cm x 9.5 cm.
Size UK 8/USA 9/Euro 43/28.5 cm x 10 cm.
Size UK 9/USA 10/Euro 44/29 cm x 10 cm.
Size UK 10/USA 11/Euro 45/29.5 cm x 10.25 cm.
Size UK 11/USA 12/Euro 46/30 cm x 10.5 cm.

Sizing Notes:
Boxing shoes are all listed in Mens sizes. Boxing shoes are sized to fit the same as athletic and running shoes and should fit true to size.
Womens sizes are generally 1 to 1.5 sizes lower than mens sizes. For example, if you wear womens size 8 athletic shoes then you should order a size 6 or 7 mens size boxing shoes.
Youth sizes in boxing shoes range from size 1 to 5 in selected styles.

Masters Tips:
To find out what size you are just look and measure the shoes you have.

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