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Best quality V2 Mexican Style Morgan leather boxing head guard.
* Top quality Nappa grade leather construction with non slip Microfibre inner lining
* Outstanding protection with heavy duty padding around cheek, forehead and ears
* Maintains good wide angle vision
* Extra wide full width Velcro strap closure at the back with adjustable lace up on the top for best secure tight fit and easy to put on or take off
* Perfect Mexican style head guard for long continuous sparring sessions for both novice and experienced users.

Sizes are like hat sizes, measure around the widest area of your forehead.
Head Guard Size / Your Forehead In CM:
Small/50-54, Medium/53-57, Large/56-60, Extra Large/59-64

This Morgan V2 Mexican Boxing Leather Head Guard provides great protection whilst maintaining good wide angle vision and is quick and easy to put on and adjust so you get the best secure comfortable fit that is not going to move around when competing or sparring in the gym.

Masters Tips:
To also protect your teeth and to hold help hold your jaw in place and to avoid concussion it is very important to always wear a mouth guard with your head guard.

When using head guard it is very important to keep your chin down and nose pointed at opponent as your vision becomes more limited when your head goes out of the recommended fighting position.

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