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Size: Junior or Senior
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Best quality V2 Morgan Neoprene shin and instep protectors (pair).
* With a new anatomical low profile design the V2 Morgan Neoprene shin/instep guards move as one with your body movements to give you superior performance and protection during your most rigourous sparring session workouts.
* The reinforced foam padding is strategically placed exactly where you need it most from your instep to the top of your shin.
* Features a flexible hinge with elastic straps that fit securely and comfortably no matter what position your legs need to be in during all types of martial arts sparring and training both standing up or on the ground.
* Provides an optimal protective shield during all types of defensive and attacking techniques with compact absorbing foam padding in a strong layer of Neoprene material, making these shin and instep guards extremely versatile and adaptive to a wide range of combat sports, including MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Karate or Taekwondo.
* A 3D embossed grip provides you with enhanced mat traction which can improve the speed and intensity of your grappling techniques.
* Open areas and mesh panels increase airflow and breathability and a smooth, interior lining with flat seams provides added comfort.

Morgan V2 Neoprene Shin & Instep Guards Sizes:
JNR Junior Small Adults and Teenagers
SNR Senior Adults and Large Teenagers

The Morgan V2 Neoprene shin & instep guards are great leg guards for all types of martial arts and self defence training including MMA, kickboxing etc and are very versatile as they stay more securely in place when grappling on the ground so you can transition more smoothly from stand up sparring to the ground then straight back up again.

Masters Tips:
For better balance and less bruises pull back kicks more against opponents who block to hard.
Try faking a kick then switch to the opening created by the other defensive blocker.

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