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Top quality V2 Morgan Platinum weightlifting gloves for high level cross fit weight training and for power weight lifting.
* Made from high quality suede leather, nappa leather and high flex spandex upper fabric for maximum comfort, ventilation and airflow
* Superior grip suede leather palm with internal rubberised cushioning so you can maintain a proper hand closure with no restriction
* Grip flex finger expansion points
* Anatomically contoured design with a high grip double hook and loop 42 cm secure Velcro closure gives you a high degree of wrist support, eliminating the need for an elasticised wrist guard

Weight Lifting Gloves Size / Width around knuckles in cm:
S/15-18, M/17-21, L/20-23, XL/22-27

The Morgan V2 Platinum Weight Lifting Gloves are ideal gym gloves for power weightlifting and endurance crossfit weight training.

With a superior feel, fit, comfort and ventilation you will not be disappointed wearing the Morgan V2 Platinum Weight Lifting Gloves from the time you first put them on and right to the end of your weight lifting workout.

These gloves are perfect for serious weight lifting training and for CrossFit endurance weight training workouts.

Weight lifting workouts never felt so good when you are wearing these Morgan V2 Platinum Weight Lifting Gloves.

Hand wash gloves only.
Do not put gloves in the washing machine or clothes dryer as the wrist strap may tangle up and damage the gloves.

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