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Code: B002-GEL
Colour: White or Black
Size: Junior U/12yrs or Senior
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

Best quality A+ Protection Gel-Fit single mouth guard.
* The Gel-Fit inner liner takes exact impression of teeth, providing a tight and comfortable fit.
* Breathing channels allows for easy breathing while clenched.
* Heavy duty rubber shock frame provides maximum protection for teeth, jaw and brain
* Protrudent area feature prevents movement while clenched.
* Boil and bite custom fit instructions included.
* Soft packed in plastic container.
* Unisex Senior size for 12 years and older, boys, girls and adults. Junior size for 11 years and younger boys and girls.
* Logo design and/or packaging may vary.

Gel Fit mouth guards are ideal for boxing, Thai-boxing, MMA, K1 training, football, hockey and other head banging sports.

These Gel Fit mouth guards with their heavy duty rubber shock frame plus Gel-Fit liner provides the ultimate protection, fit and comfort in an easy way to fit double layer design.

Shock absorbing mouth guards are not only important to wear to protect your teeth, they also help to prevent concussion by reducing the impact that is normally caused by getting hit when your jaw is loose and your upper and lower teeth are unprotected from crashing together.

If you find wearing a mouth guard uncomfortable or you are not familiar with competing whilst wearing a mouth guard then all you need to do is get use to it by wearing a mouth guard as often as possible when you train.

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