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Code: CF-3-A
Size: 12cm wide base x 3.5cm high insert gap
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

Top quality Morgan multi purpose anchoring or hanging solution for all types of suspension and resistance training, including Crossfit gym rings, fitness ropes, Yoga swings and for hanging boxing and kickboxing bags, boxing balls and other martial arts targets.
* Permanent strong anchor mount can be fixed to a strong weight bearing wall, floor or ceiling beam for suspension or resistance straps, Crossfit body weight strength training or Yoga swings or hammocks.
* Allow for home use of your suspension strap trainer system, resistance bands or battle ropes.
* Safely supports up to 300 kg.
* Base diameter width is 12 cm with a 3.5 cm high insert gap.
* Suspend your body or equipment with confidence once screws or dyna bolts are securely fixed into a weight bearing wall or ceiling.
* Includes two screws bolts and washers for easy and fast installation.

This professional quality Multipurpose Heavy Duty Anchor Point Mount is an ideal permanent long lasting anchor mount point and a great choice if you after a strong and reliable multipurpose anchor point.
Look no further if you need the best anchoring solution for all suspension and resistance trainers, Crossfit Olympic Rings, Battle Ropes, Yoga Swings, & Boxing Equipment.
This Morgan multipurpose heavy duty anchor will provide you with your all in one solution.

Anchor Point Mount Dimensions:
12 cm wide base with 2 x 1 cm thick cross bars and a 3.5 cm high insert gap with up to 300 kg load rating.

Masters Tips:
Always consult with a qualified builder if ever in any doubt whether a wall or ceiling is structurally strong enough to take any fixture or mounted device.

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