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Top quality Morgan professional trainers ballistic power resistor harness belt with long strap for more user leverage.
* Develop incredible strength and endurance.
* Great for explosive starts and unstoppable running power.
* Just strap on the shoulder harness and scramble away from your partner with as much force and effort as possible.
* Comes with an adjustable clip on shoulder harness and a 3 metre non elastic nylon harness strap.
* Also features a soft grip solid padded double handle for your partner to hang onto and a thick steel clip to attach strap with handle to a steel D ring and a quick and easy buckle on the back of the harness.

The Morgan Power Resister Harness Belt with the long strap can also be attached to a weight sled so you do not need a partner but its mainly designed to use with a partner holding onto the strap handle.

Using the power resister belt harness will not only increase running speed and acceleration, it will also give you a stronger more solid base and incredible push power generated by the increase in strength in your legs.

Excellent training device for all physical contact combat sports such as martial arts, wrestling, MMA and Aussie rules and rugby football.

A very inexpensive piece of fitness training equipment that provides great results that keeps improving overtime with regular training.

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