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Code: BA-12
Size: Large or X-Large
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High performance Morgan sauna sweat suit.
* Made from thick silver PVC material.
* Easy to put on and take off with elastic band wraps around ankles and wrists.
* Ideal for quick temporary weight loss to help the professional athlete to make competition weight.
* Must be used only with professional supervision and guidance.

This Morgan Sauna Sweat Suit will really make you sweat and loss weight fast so you can make weight for an important event.
Just drink water straight after weighing in to regain energy and replace essential lost fluid.
This Morgan sweatsuit is the best way to lose weight quickly.
Made from a high wearing PVC inner lined material with elasticated wrist and ankle inserts ensures the heat stays in the suit while you are weight loss training.
Made for the purpose of weight loss, these are also used for fighters when cutting weight, bodybuilders to reduce their body water content before a competition and great in getting those last couple of stubborn kilos off.

Extreme rapid body fluid loss can result in permanent injury or death.
Always use sauna sweat suits with caution and be sure to take excessive fluid loss very seriously and take all necessary precautions and seek the guidance of an experience expert coach or fitness trainer.

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