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Colour: silver
Size: 41cm full length approx.
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High quality swivel and chains with clips for hanging small to medium size punching bags.
* Hang punching bags easily and quickly with secure clips on chains.
* Swivel action helps to reduce bag spin.
* Made from high quality strong steel.
* Ideal for hanging small to medium size punching bags.
* Hangs up to approx. 4ft or 35 kg punching bags.

With this combination of chains, swivel and clips you can hang your small to medium size punching bag easily and securely so your punch bag does not have that annoying twist and turn action.

Hanging your punching bag with this punching bag swivel and chains with clips is one of the best and easiest ways to hang your punching bag over a longer period of time than using a rope that may unravel, fray or wear out.

It is best to lift the punching bag with the chain and swivel already attached and then hang the chain on the punching bag onto a hanging hook or eyelet. This should be at least a two man operation to avoid any back strain.

This Punching Bag Swivel & Chains with Clips is approximately 41 cm full length.

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