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Re-Breakable Boards - 5mm to 1.5cm Thick
5 out of 5 stars (2)
Code: M154
Colour: yellow, red, blue, black
Size: 31cm x 23cm x 5mm, 8mm, 1cm or 1.5cm thick
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

Good quality martial arts rebreakable boards have equal break up strength to the average pinewood board with same dimensions.
* Choose from 4 thickness strength levels.
* 5 mm thick XS yellow board for novice extra small kids.
* 8 mm thick Small blue board for novice small kids.
* 1 cm thick Medium red board for novice women & kids.
* 1.5 cm thick Large black board for average adult.
* S shape join slides back together after breaking.
* You can slide board join to half way for half strength board break or hold 2 boards together for double strength.
* Avoid excessive force particularly when board is new and tight as re-breakable boards have limited life span depending on the amount of force used and the number of breaks.

Even with normal use martial arts re-breakable boards will eventually need regular replacing but using the re-breakable boards still works out much more economical than using traditional one time breaking pinewood boards.

Using re-breakable martial arts boards has the added benefit of being a much more accurate test of power than traditional pinewoods as the re-breakable boards break in a much more predictable and consistent way with the same amount of accuracy and force being needed.

These martial arts boards that are designed to break up and reuse are not only great for measuring and testing power they are also great for demonstrations as they make a loud realistic breaking sound that audiences love to hear when the re-breakable boards are struck with speed and accuracy.

Re-Breakable Boards Dimensions: 31cm Long x 23cm Wide x 5mm, 8mm, 1cm or 1.5cm Thick.

Masters Warning:
Re-breakable boards are not toys and should only be used with the guidance of an experienced instructor.
Extra padding is needed to avoid injury and boards can fly in the air suddenly, injuring holders or bystanders if not held securely.

Masters Tips:
Do not hit boards with excess force, particularly when they are new and a tight fit as the extra force may produce structural weakness within the boards S join area.
Also extra protective foam pad on the board is recommended and when punching you should always wear a well padded glove to avoid injury and only allow strong holders to hold the board as the board may fly apart when hit.

5 out of 5 stars (2)
  • Re-Breakable Boards - 5mm to 1.5cm Thick Easy to deal with

    Very easy to deal with and Peter was very helpful.

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  • Re-Breakable Boards - 5mm to 1.5cm Thick Service

    as a first time buyer i was exstatic with the service, quality product awsome service,

    By: doug brown on | Was this helpful?   (43/25)
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