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Colour: black
Size: 60cm padded bar & 137cm from wall when extended
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

Wall mounted Morgan rapid rotating bar used for boxing sparring training.
* This rotating padded punching bar simulates the most realistic sparing experience in a safe environment so you can learn, practice and gain the skills needed in a real boxing bout.
* By simply punching this rotating boxing sparring bar you can achieve the most effective boxing sparring exchange skills whilst developing and fine tuning your hand-eye co-ordination, footwork, balance, speed, stamina, accuracy, timing, counter punching and evasive skills.
* An innovative boxing and fitness system is a truly groundbreaking product that helps to teach core fundamental boxing skills.
* This wall mounted padded striking target uses the highest quality powder coated steel frames, high speed internal ball bearings and a padded striking bar target designed to punched whilst wearing padded boxing gloves.
* Comes with a height adjustable telescopic pole and can be folded away against the wall when not in use.
* Easy to assemble with supplied bolts and spanner.

This Morgan Rapid Rotating Boxing Sparring Bar gives you the most realistic powerful sparing experience you will ever have either in the gym or at home.
Ideal practical boxing training aid so both trainers and trainees will be able to learn, practice and develop the most vital skills required when in a competitive boxing match.

Morgan Rapid Rotating Boxing Sparring Bar Specifications:
137 cm total distance off the wall when fully extended (plate to the end of the striking point).
73 cm off the wall with a 20 cm x 20 cm mounting plate bracket.
60 cm long x 5 cm diameter padded striking bar.

If Installing on Sheetrock or Drywall you MUST attach wooden board with at least 4-6 screws on each side that will go into 2x4 studs and attach the mounting plate bracket to the wooden board.

Masters Tips:
Always consult with a qualified builder if you are ever in any doubt whether a wall or ceiling is structurally strong enough to take any fixture or mounted device.
Use good quality boxing gloves to reduce impact on hands and joints.
If you focus on power you may develop poor balance, accuracy, defence, footwork, timing, speed and endurance.
Real power comes when you are more relaxed and focused on correct technique.

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