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Colour: red or black
Size: 2kg red or 5kg black
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Top quality pair of weighted gloves designed specifically for endurance training and/or shadow boxing.
* The weight of these shadow boxing endurance gloves is evenly distributed around the lower forearm and the back of the hand giving you a comfortable well balanced feel, without restricting your freedom of movement, allowing you to workout with a wide range of endurance and shadow boxing exercise routines.
* Made with advanced Neoprene material and has an easily adjustable secure Velcro wrist strap closure for a more flexible, comfortable and secure fit.
* Improve and accelerate your punching power and overall arm strength, stamina and endurance.
* Sold as 2 kg per pair of gloves (1 kg each glove) or 5 kg per pair of gloves (2.5 kg each glove).
* The 2 kg pair of gloves come in the red colour while the 5 kg pair of gloves are black.

The Shadow Boxing Endurance Weighted Gloves are the perfect weighted fitness training gloves for all types of personal use Cardio Endurance training.

These gloves are not designed for sparring or for hitting punching bags as they are not boxing gloves or bag gloves.

Masters Tip:
For more speed and endurance when punching relax your muscles more, particularly in the shoulder area, as any unnecessary tension will slow you down and tire you out quickly.
Let your hands fly freely so speed and momentum produce the pure energy and power you are looking for.

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