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Smai Reversible Red/Blue Boxing Singlet
5 out of 5 stars (1)
Colour: blue & red reversible
Size: Small or X-Large
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

Premium quality Smai Amateur 2 in 1 reversible red or blue colour boxing singlet.
* Can easily be worn both sides so you can have whatever corner colour you have on the tournament day, red or blue, without having to have two singlets.
* Unmatched comfort and fit with breathable lightweight silk mesh style fabric that moulds perfectly to your body.
* T bar back designed to give you absolute freedom of arm movement with your shoulders so there is nothing to hold back your blistering punching combinations.

The Smai reversible boxing singlet is great for boxing training and competition and all types of training where you need the most comfort singlet that allows full range of upper body movement.

One the best advantages of the Smai Reversible Red & Blue Boxing Singlet is you only need to buy the one singlet that can be used either in the red or blue corner at your next boxing tournament day.

All you need to do is match up the Smai Reversible Red/Blue Boxing Singlet with the Smai Reversible Red/Blue Boxing Trunks and then you will have one set of boxing clothes that can be used in either corner.

Reversible colour boxing clothes is really a no brainer when it comes to economy and convenience.

5 out of 5 stars (1)
  • Smai Reversible Red/Blue Boxing Singlet Quick delivery & good quality

    Quick delivery and very good quality boxing shorts, thanks, reversible colour boxing shorts are a great idea.

    By: John on | Was this helpful?   (21/20)
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