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Code: PT59-CHEST
Size: 58cm long x 48cm wide x 11cm thick
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

High quality Smai Senior rugby body shield.
* Protects mainly the torso and chest area from front on player collision contact.
* The high density foam has been cut into a diamond shape, which eliminates arm restriction during contact bump training.
* Great way to warm up before a Rugby League or Rugby Union football match or for general contact conditioning training.
* On the back of the shield the PP shoulder straps and adjustable belly buckle help to secure the shield to the players body.
* Easy to put on and take off and offers an ideal comfortable fit.
* The materials used also ensure quick and easy cleaning as the vinyl cover can be just wiped down with a damp cloth.

The Smai Rugby Body Shield provides ideal player or trainer protection for Rugby League Football NRL, Rugby Union Football ARU and Australian Rules Football AFL.

Wearing extra protection during training sessions keeps players more injury free so they can maintain their peak fitness and be at their best on important match days.

Also the Smai protective body shield can be used for combat sports, self defence courses and security training.

Smai Rugby Body Shield Specifications
Material: vinyl
Inner: high density foam
Adjustable belly buckle and shoulder straps
Dimensions: 58 cm long x 48 cm wide x 11 cm thick

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