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Smai Ubound Exercise Trampoline Pro
5 out of 5 stars (2)
Code: D800
Size: 101cm wide x 26cm high approx.
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

Commercial grade Smai Ubound trampoline.
* Professional quality small trampoline used for high performance rebound radical fitness training with minimal impact at home or in the gym.
* 40 inch wide diameter from side to side commercial grade mini exercise trampoline with 6 legs, 36 springs and top quality polypropylene USA mat.
* Manufacturers weight tolerance rating is up to 150 kg.
* Enjoy the best endurance and strength workout ever with minimal impact on joints and muscles.
* One of the most effective and popular forms of low impact exercise used world wide, utilising gravity with the opposing force of the rebounding Smai trampoline action.
* Ideal low impact fitness training for personal home use or for a professional gym.

If you are after a fun and exciting workout that is both effective for losing weight and improving cardio fitness and is gentle on your bones and joints then this long lasting professional quality Smai Ubound exercise trampoline trampoline is for you.

When you enjoy your workouts and you are not wearing out your joints then its bound to be more effective as you are sure to keep coming back for more once you start using your Smai trampoline.

Just put on your favourite music and jump on your small rebounding exercise trampoline today and let the good times begin!

Smai Ubound Exercise Trampoline Pro Dimensions:
40 inches or 102 cm wide x 26 cm high approx.

5 out of 5 stars (2)
  • Smai Ubound Exercise Trampoline Pro Wonderful customer service

    Great product and excellent customer service; bought the rebounder back in June, super fast delivery but experienced a minor problem with the spring cover after warranty had expired. When I explained the problem a replacement cover was supplied free of charge which arrived next business day.

    By: Lydia on | Was this helpful?   (1/0)
  • Smai Ubound Exercise Trampoline Pro Excellent service

    Thank you for the prompt delivery and excellent service with the sale of my pro rebounder. The product was dispatched within a few hours of purchasing and emails were sent to organise and advise of shipping.

    By: Rose on | Was this helpful?   (4/2)
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