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Size: Small to X-Large
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Top quality Smai WKF approved 2016-2019 competition and tournament style shin and instep protector guards (pair).
* WKF approved protectors are approved for use in official continental and international WKF sanctioned events and tournaments and bear the WKF Approved 2016-2019 trademark.
* Re-enforced multipoint elasticised Velcro leg and foot straps and double toe loops gives best secure fit whilst allowing more freedom of movement when sparring.
* Detachable foot feature so you have the option of just wearing the shin protector guards.
* Ideal for continual gym sparring and freestyle taekwondo karate martial arts tournaments.

WKF approved Shin & Instep Guards Size / Shoe Sizes:
Small/4-5, Medium/6-7, Large/8-9, X-Large/10-13.

Size / (A) Foot Pads / (B) Shin Pads Dimensions.
Small (A) 16 cm / (B) 29.5 cm.
Medium (A) 17.5 cm / (B) 32 cm.
Large (A) 18 cm / (B) 33.5 cm.
X-Large (A) 19 cm / (B) 34 cm.

These shin and instep guards have been manufactured to the latest WKF approved specifications regarding competition protective equipment safety and sizing requirements for the 2016-2019 period.

Smai WKF approved protectors are manufactured to the highest possible quality level and in addition to meeting the WKF requirements have also been tested by an independent Body to European directive EN 13277-1 and EN 13277-2 to Cat II PPE to ensure safety in all aspects of protection from materials to impact testing.

Masters Tip:
Pull back kicks quicker for superior balance and less bruises against opponents who block hard.
Trying a quick fake and then switch kick to the opening created by the other blocker can also be very effective.

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