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Small Parallettes Bars - Pair
5 out of 5 stars (2)
Colour: black
Size: 54cm wide x 36cm long x 31cm high
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

Commercial quality pair of Parallettes, small size core strength parallel bars.
* Heavy duty small size Parallette bars constructed with 38 mm steel tube pipe with durable black powder coating can support a maximum loading up to 150 kg capacity.
* Great exercise device for personal trainers professional athletes, cross fit training and personal home use.
* These small parallel bars or parallettes are an incredibly versatile exercise apparatus that allows you to perform a large range of exercises utilising only your body weight and gravity with various positions and angles to increase the intensity with minimal impact on the user making it a great exercise device for varied skill and fitness levels.
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These Morgan Parallettes, small parallel bars, allow you to push yourself to new levels of strength, balance and flexibility with a limitless range of exercises that can be performed; dips, stretching, push ups, hand stands, planking, chest press, tricep dips, vertical rows, knee ups, core running, hip flexes, agility drills and much more.

A simple change in the position of your feet or used in conjunction with a fitness ball can vary the level of body weight resistance incredibly.

Parallettes Specifications Dimensions:
54 cm wide x 36 cm long x 31 cm high approx.
38 mm thick steel tube pipe
Maximum loading rated capacity up to 150 kg
Durable black powder coating

5 out of 5 stars (2)
  • Small Parallettes Bars - Pair Thanks

    I submitted by order on a Friday and received my
    order by Monday. Very prompt service! Thanks

    By: Rob on | Was this helpful?   (22/20)
  • Small Parallettes Bars - Pair Good Quality and Purpose Built

    If you are into new physical challenges and want to improve your core strength then you can't go past using Parallettes. You can make your own Parallettes but why bother, when you can buy these good quality ones that are purpose built and ready to use.

    By: Paul on | Was this helpful?   (25/20)
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