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Code: LM-1
Colour: blue, red or black
Size: 5cm or 10cm thick
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

Best quality takedown landing gym mats.
* Choose from three available sizes with 5 cm or 10 cm foam thickness.
* Size 1: 180 cm x 90 cm x 5 cm.
* Size 2: 180 cm x 90 cm x 10 cm.
* Size 3: 2.5 metres x 2 metres x 10 cm.
* Includes Velcro attachments on ends for joining mats together.
* High quality medium density Australian made EVA foam.
* Rip stop tough vinyl covering.
* Air release eyelets.
* Please allow 2 weeks for Australian made to order.

Takedown landing gym mats are great for martial arts or gym mats for absorbing impact with all types of activities.

Having a landing mat is the best way to practise your martial arts break falls, takedowns and throws as you can repeat your sweeps and throwing techniques over and over again safely until you perfect your technique.

These takedown landing mats can also be used for gymnastics as well as martial arts and can be used as safety mats to cushion unexpected falls.

It is important to test falling on the mats from a low height first and gradually increase the height of the fall and/or the thickness of the landing mats before attempting bigger falls.

Landing mats are also a great addition to jigsaw mats so falling can be practised on the softer landing mats before being able to fall on the firmer jigsaw mats.

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