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Code: U017
Colour: Black
Size: 000/105-115cm to 7/195-205cm
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

High quality Smai light weight black karate Gi uniform.
* Made from tough but lightweight 8 oz polyester and cotton drill fabric.
* Designed specifically to provide extra strength with unrestricted movement for martial arts training and sparring.
* Double stitching runs the length of the uniform and ensures durability and longevity throughout training and competition.
* White cross over style karate uniform jacket with elastic waist and draw string pants for easy to put on and take off and adjust with a very flexible waist size fit.
* Easy to wash and no need to iron.
* A white belt is included with this black karate Gi style uniform.

Karate Uniform Size / Your Height Range in cm for medium build person:
000/105-115, 00/115-125, 0/125-135, 1/135-145, 2/145-155, 3/155-165, 4/165-175, 5/175-185, 6/185-195, 7/195-205.

This 8 oz black karate uniform Gi is ideal for kids, beginners and adult users who want a good quality economical karate style uniform.
Whether you are training in Karate, Taekwondo or any free style form of mixed martial arts this is a great value well designed karate style uniform that will allow you to move freely with all your martial arts kicks, punching and blocking movements.

Made with strength and durability, this black karate Gi uniform is made from 35% cotton and 65% polyester.
Can easily be washed regularly without altering the shape with no need for ironing.
The jacket features an extra fabric insert patch on the back of the neck for sweat absorption.
With elastic waist pants with an additional drawstring feature this uniform provides a very practical flexible fit.
Manufactured from twill fabric, the uniform lasts and requires little maintenance in terms of ongoing care.
Constructed with extra reinforcement on the neck with five rows of stitching this black karate uniform has been designed to a very high standard.

Masters Tips:
Uniform Size/Height Range is for the average medium build person.
For slim build favour smaller size, for broad build favour larger size.

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