Code: KU-7USDA
Colour: black & gold
Size: 4cm wide approx.
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

Top quality black belt with USDA embroidery.
* For Universal Self-Defence Academy (USDA) Black Belts only.
* Ideal for a spare or replacement Usda black belt or for a belt display.
* Usually if you wear a size 4 Usda uniform then you need a size 5 belt.
* Standard 4 cm - 1 1/2 inch width.

There may well be many people you may wish to buy a Usda black belt but we do not sell them to just anyone who wants to buy online as you have to have certain qualifications to own a Universal Self Defence Academy Usda black belt.

You can however buy a plain black belt online but I would not advise you wear a black belt unless you really know your craft.

USDA Black Belt Size / Your Height Range in cm for medium build person:
1/125-143, 2/140-153, 3/150-163, 4/160-173, 5/170-183, 6/180-193, 7/190-205

Masters Tips:
Uniform Belt Size/Height Range is for the average medium build person.
For slim build favour smaller size, for broad build favour larger size.

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