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Code: XF-WM-Punch-Bracket
Size: 906mm out from wall x 822mm wide x 550mm high x 5mm thick steel approx.
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

Professional commercial quality Smai single wall mount bracket for hanging just about any size punching bag.
* The 5 mm thick steel makes this punching bag hanger strong enough to hold many different punching bag sizes right up to the 6 foot Smai full force punching bag.
* For maximum strength the brackets must be attached directly onto a strong solid load bearing wall structure with M16 dynabolts or with extra heavy duty concrete screws available from most hardware stores.
* The punching bag hanger hook is 90 cm out from the wall so when you hang your punching bag there is plenty of room to workout around the punching bag practising your favourite striking combinations at various angles and varied positions.
* This wall mount punching bag hanger is also fully adaptable so you can add a chin up bar extension which is only possible when you also purchase the chin up and bag bracket extension piece.

The Wall Mount Punching Bag Hanger Bracket is definitely a great alternative to hanging your punching bag on a overhead load bearing beam as it much more neat and tidy and takes up much less space and reduces clutter in your gym.

And one of the best features with this Wall Mount Punching Bag Hanger Bracket is you can add multiple chin up and bag bracket extension pieces so you can have several multipurpose bag hangers that can also be used for chin ups and for hanging a multitude of strength training exercise devices such as rubber resistance band power loops, gym rings, climbing ropes, TRX and other gravity based training systems.

906 mm long out from wall x 822 mm wide x 550 mm high x 5 mm thick steel approx.
Punching bag hook hanger is approx. 90 cm out from the wall.

Masters Tips:
Always consult with a qualified builder if you are ever in any doubt whether a wall is structurally strong enough to take any fixture or mounted device such as the Wall Mount Punching Bag Hanger Brackets

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