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Code: CF-2
Colour: black
Size: 10kg or 15kg
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

High quality strongman Morgan weighted vest.
* Choose 10 kg or 15 kg weighted vest.
* Well balanced, versatile and comfortable with the weight more evenly distributed around the torso area.
* Heavy duty construction with durable rip stop nylon and wide Velcro closures on vest.
* Weights are adjustable up the full total weight with 1 kg easily removable steel weighted ingots.
* Great for more explosive starts and unstoppable power.
* One adult size for all.

The Morgan weighted vest develops strength, speed, endurance and cardiovascular conditioning.
Get much more out of your workout in less time by wearing a weighted vest.
Challenge yourself further and take your training to the next level to gain that competitive edge.
This weighted vest can be is easily fine tuned to the ideal weight by adding or removing the weighted ingots.

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