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Top quality Wesing breast guards as approved by the world renown WKF organisation.
* Lightweight, cool and flexible ladies chest protector breast guards made from a ultra quick dry sky star cloth material.
* Maximum breast protection guard with crop top sports bra and an inner chest guard breast plate that is CE approved with a high grade tested plastic.
* Covers breasts, ribs and sternum and is ideal for high impact competitive sports.
* These Wesing WKF approved breast guards can be used for regional, national and world recognised tournaments.
* The breast guard plate can easily be removed and separated from the crop top after competition or training, to further aid cooling or for quick and easy washing.

Size / Chest Size (Under bust).
Small 10-11 / 76-82cm - 30-32 inch.
Medium 12-13 / 83-90cm - 33-35 inch.
Large 13-14 / 91-97cm - 36-38 inch.

These Wesing WKF approved breast guards provide the highest level of chest protection for novice to advanced women athletes in all types of physical contact sports.

With rounded edges these Wesing WKF approved chest protector breast guards with crop top are much more comfortable than most other ladies chest protectors and can be shaped with pressure to fit more comfortably on side of ribs.

Protect and add confidence whenever you are competing in martial arts, soccer, cricket, hockey or any sport where contact with another competitor or bat or ball is possible.

These WKF Approved chest protectors breast guards meet high stringent standards so you can be confident you have the highest level of safety protection when you really need it.

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