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Morgan EVA Foam Roller - 1 Metre
5 out of 5 stars (1)
Code: CF-15-EVA
Colour: Blue
Size: 1 metre long x 15cm dia. approx.
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

Top quality Morgan high density firm foam roller massage and stretching exerciser roller.
* Extra long one metre in length, could easily cut in half to make two yoga exercise rollers if you choose.
* Very firm high density EVA foam for more durability and most effective rolling action.
* Textured hex pattern surface for greater floor grip.
* Great foam roller for Yoga, Pilates and other flexibility, strength, balance and rehabilitation exercises.

Morgan EVA Foam Rollers are very popular with yoga and Pilates stretching exercises and personal trainers and elite athletes who are looking for more efficient ways to improve their physical fitness.

By simply lying on the foam roller in various positions and using gravity with your body weight to apply pressure with a slow rolling motion you can loosen up, strengthen and improve circulation to sore and tight areas in your back, legs, buttocks or arms.

At first using the foam roller may actually be quite painful. The good news is that with regular use your muscles will loosen up and become stronger, tougher, more pliable and controlled and desensitised to the deep pressure that is created by the foam roller making the whole experience much more pleasurable than the first time you used the foam roller which is an experience you will never forget.

There are indeed many health and fitness benefits using the foam roller but to get the most out of your foam roller you do need to consult with a good personal coach to make sure you are using your foam roller most effectively.

There are also numerous helpful instructional foam roller videos you can find by simply searching the internet and youtube.

Morgan Foam Roller Dimensions:
100 cm long x 15 cm diameter wide approx.

5 out of 5 stars (1)
  • Morgan EVA Foam Roller - 1 Metre In love with foam roller!

    I love my foam roller. At first it was very painful but after awhile my muscles really started to loosened and toughen up. Now I absolutely love my foam roller and am enjoying all the benefits, there really is nothing else like it!

    By: Suzie on | Was this helpful?   (25/27)
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