Your hands are your most valuable asset so you want to make sure they are always well protected from injury by wearing the best martial arts and boxing gloves, hand mitts and hand wraps available.

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A huge range of boxing gloves, MMA gloves, hand protectors and weight training gym gloves are all right here at the Universal Self Defence web store.

The simple reason there are so many different types of gloves and hand protection to choose from is because of the many different demands we have of what we want a pair of gloves or hand protection to do.

For the mixed martial artist and for most athletics one pair of gloves is never enough as you are always looking for a different type of functionality to improve your performance and to reduce the risk of injury.

Here at Universal Self Defence we are constantly looking for the perfect gloves and hand protection to use for boxing, MMA sparring and cross fitness training.

Although we have yet to find the perfect glove to suit everyone, we have however come up with a fantastic range of the best value top quality high performance gloves and hand protection to suit a huge range of martial arts and fitness training activities.

Many years of researching looking for that perfect glove has proven to be time well spent so we are able help you find the best gloves and hand protection for your needs.

Whether you are a competitive boxer, or you are just practising boxing for fitness training, you need to protect your hands firstly with hands wraps, then with a good quality well padded pair of boxing gloves for sparring and a pair of well padded and supportive bag gloves for punching the boxing bag and the focus mitt pads.

If you are into the martial arts then you may also use hand wraps, boxing gloves and bag gloves for exactly the same reasons as mentioned above. And you may also like to have in your training bag a pair of lighter mixed martial arts gloves that allow you to also grab to incorporate mixed martial arts grappling and other martial arts open handed techniques.

All serious martial artists and boxers also like to workout in the gym with weights and CrossFit training and need a good pair of multi-purpose gloves and/or weight lifting gloves.

No matter whether you are into boxing, martial arts or fitness training Universal Self Defence has the right pair of gloves and hand protection for you!