No gym or home should be without a punching bag and there are many different types of punching bag options to choose from at Universal Self Defence.

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Hanging punching bags, free standing punch bags, human punching bags and punching bags on a ceiling or wall hanger or on a boxing stand are just some of the types of martial arts punching bag targets that are available.

Hanging punching bags that you can hang from an overhead support beam is always the most preferred and strongest option.

If you are unable to hang your punching bag on an overhead beam then you may hang your punching bag on a boxing stand that is free standing or on a purpose built punching bag hanger that mounts on a loading bearing wall.
The free standing boxing stands come with an arm and hook to hang a punching bag and also you can hang one or two boxing speed balls.

If you do not have room for a free standing boxing stand then you may decide on buying one of the single unit free standing punching bags that usually come with numbers on them as they are more for accuracy training with light fast punching combinations as they are not punch bags designed for slamming with full powered blows.

A more realistic martial arts target are the human punching bags. The human shape punching bags that you can hang up are the strongest and you can really lay into them and have hours of fun letting go of all your frustrations. Once you have let off a bit of steam you can settle down and do some real serious martial arts human target training which is what the human punching bags are best designed for.

Both Morgan and Smai punching bags are some of the best value and most durable punching bags and are purpose built for cardio fitness training and for developing your martial arts skills with Universal Self Defence, mixed martial arts MMA, kickboxing and boxing training and are great for both personal home use and for commercial gyms.