In the course of mixed martial arts a wide variety of sports equipment can be needed. As with other kinds of competitive sports there are all kinds of accessories, guards and protectors, training clothes and sportswear, sports bags, awards and even advertising wedges.

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At Universal Self Defence we have all sorts of sports gear from elasticised ankle supports to balls to a full-sized sauna sweatsuit. When you are done using your sporting equipment keep it tucked away in a professional sports bag. We have everything you need to throw your own martial arts tournament or just get outfitted for your first day of training -- and look good while you are doing it.

All Sports Guards & Protectors
Sports guards and protectors help everyone to have a better time because they help them to stay safe. Different types of sports and martial arts have different rules for guards and protectors. If you are unsure how to begin then it is a good idea to consult with your coach or instructor. When engaged in a sport that allows kicking like karate, Muay Thai and kickboxing, steady foot and leg support is important. Boxers will be more interested in hand wraps to wear for more support and protection underneath boxing gloves and bag gloves. A good head guard will shield most of your skull but you will still need a mouth guard to keep the teeth from crashing together. Just like in martial arts, all physically demanding sports need to protect the most vulnerable areas of the body. Obviously girls and guys are not built the same so they require different forms of protection when it comes to the groin and chest areas. The guys need a more solid and robust groin guard protector and they may wear it inside or outside of their pants when training. Compression wear shorts that allow an optional groin cup to be inserted into a front pocket so it does not move around has become very popular as it can be worn underneath any sports uniform. Girls who take their sports protection seriously will wear a more discrete female ovary and padded groin protector and also a chest and breast guard. Breast guards are usually a solid plastic mould either padded around the edges for a more comfortable fit or come with a crop top that allows the plastic mould to be inserted into and can be easily removed for washing purposes. Elbows, knees, wrists and ankles are also vulnerable area in physical sports as unusual stress and strain demands can stop you from enjoying your sport. At Universal Self Defence store there a various wraps and elasticated protectors to add support and padded protection to reduce impact on the knees and elbows.

Training Clothes & Sportswear
Practice of the martial arts calls for a special set of training clothes that can also be worn to the gym or used for general sports and fitness training. When working out it is best to save your regular clothes and wear specially designed sportswear that is made to accommodate the rigours of martial arts or sports training. When wearing clothes for sporting activities it needs to be more flexible and allow a greater range of movement and breathe well so you are able to function with maximum efficiency. At the same time sports clothing should be well fitted and not be too baggy making it too easy to grab and there is the risk it could get caught on something causing the person to hesitate or trip and fall. There are a number of rash guards and crop tops that can be worn underneath a uniform or alone during sweaty training sessions. Also do not forget to put on your favourite MMA brand t-shirt during trips to the gym.

Accessories & Whistles

There is significance in the details. In turn accessories can be helpful during the play of sports and mixed martial arts. An Enswell is a high quality steel iron used to cool down injured areas such as a bruise or blood flow from a cut. Surf and Sun Rippled sandals and thongs are perfect for pairing with camouflaged kicking pants when strolling around the dojo or when off to the beach. Digit CrossFit Timing Displays are great to use in any gym and for your next big sports event. Sports Gym Chalk is an excellent drying agent accessory to use on your hands when you need to improve your grip and reduce friction and is often used with weight training, CrossFit and indoor rock and rope climbing. There is also variety of top quality sporting whistles with high volume pitch and lanyards with detachable hooks that can also be used for a personal safety alarm, as some of the whistles available, like the Storm whistles, are said to be the loudest in the world.

Sports Bags
Sports bags come in handy for transferring clothing, equipment and protective gear to either an indoor gym or to an outdoors workout and then back home again. If you know you will be travelling for competitions then a sports bag is an ideal option for luggage. A single compartment sports bag made of extra tough heavy duty vinyl will be sufficient for light use. When investing in a good quality sports bag look for extra features such as ventilation, water resistant pockets, padded shoulder straps, heavy duty webbing, as well as puncture and abrasion resistant mesh.

Awards & Advertising Wedges
One inevitable conclusion of tournament play is the distribution of awards to the victorious athletes. If you have ever wondered where trophies and metals come from they can be purchased at the Universal Self Defence shop online. Awards come in two types and these are medals and trophies. Real medals come in bronze, silver and gold with red, white and blue ribbons. Different sets of medals available include the Championship Award, Kicking Man Award, Determination Discipline Strength Award and Olympia Award Metal Set. Advertising foam wedges are a professional and safe way of making use of all that ad space on the side of the tournament ring or just off the playing field.

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