There are many types of sports guards and protectors that can worn for a large number of sports and other physical activities.

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Guards and protectors that can be worn for many sports help to protect the most vulnerable areas of your body and areas that are put under the most amount of stress.

When you shop online at the Universal Self Defence web store you will find sports guards and protectors for the most at risk areas of your body whilst playing a demandingly physical sport. There are guards and protectors for your ankles, shins, knees, groin, breast, forearms, elbows, hands, wrists, mouth and teeth.

There is no doubt guards and protective help to reduce many injuries whilst playing sport but sometimes athletes take more risk when wearing extra protection than they normally would which can negate the effect of the protector or guard reducing injury.

Knowing your limitations and working within your physical ability and skill set whilst wearing guards and protectors is essential if you wish to enjoy the real benefits of improved performance with less injury whilst playing your favourite sport.

When wearing just about any type of sports guard or protector there is always a compromise to be made between protection, performance and freedom of movement. When the guard or protector gets the balance just right then the comprise between protection and performance and freedom of movement is a good thing as you do not want a weak or injured joint or limb to be able to move too freely as that may irritate or worsen an injury. Whereas a badly fitted poorly designed guard or protector that is too restrictive can severely effect your performance in a undesired negative way. This is why it is very important to choose a well designed high quality guard or protector and make sure it is fitted correctly and test it out thoroughly in training before competing and wearing the same guard or protector in an important sports match event.

When applied correctly a sports guard or protector should provide adequate protection and support without being too restrictive and in effect improve overall performance, if fitted properly, so make sure you have the right size and adjust the tension so it supports and protects correctly without restricting blood flood. This an important reason why you need to test your guard or protector first to be sure you maintain the feeling in the joint or limb and that there is not any sensation of numbness as that indicates there is not enough circulation so you need to reduce the tension if it can be adjusted or wear a bigger size.