Improving your strength and endurance with ankle, wrist and hand weights should be an important part of your functional fitness program.

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Weights for your ankles, wrists and hands that can be strapped on or are made easy to hold are a great way to improve your strength and endurance. Also if you need to strengthen a weakness after an injury has repaired starting off exercising with a light weight and then gradually increasing the weight and intensity until you regain your strength is a common method of injury recovery. The best thing about adding some form of weighted resistance to your specific type of functional fitness is you achieve much better results in your workout in a shorter amount of time.

Weighted Gloves
Shadow boxing endurance gloves are easy to wear and adds weight to your wrists and hands in a well balanced way so you can still clench your fists and practise shadow boxing which is much better than having to hold onto hand weights.
With the Morgan weighted boxing gloves you can adjust or remove the weights with the zipper. And you can not only shadow box with the weighted boxing gloves, you can use them as bag gloves and punch the focus pads as well.
Both of the weighted gloves are not designed for sparring purposes so do not try to use them on your sparring partner mainly for safety reasons.

Ankle and Wrist Weights
Well balanced, soft, comfortable and flexible ankle and wrist weights can easily be wrapped around and secured via a Velcro strap on your ankles or wrists. Wearing ankle and wrists weights are a great way to increase the intensity of your workout and can be worn while jogging, running, skipping, sprinting or power walking.

Hand Grips
The hand grips are a great way to improve your grip and also your hand and forearm strength. The best thing about spring loaded hand grips is that they are very light and portable so you can easily take them with you and carry them around so you can be working on your grip strength more regularly.

Super Eagle Claw Grip Strengtheners
For increasing your finger grip strength it is hard to go past the Super Eagle Claw Grip Strengtheners. They can easily be attached to an overhead chin up bar and by lifting your body weight more with your fingers than your hands you can develop a deadly serious killer grip strength for mixed martial arts, wrestling, judo, jiu-jitsu, rock climbing and any sport or physical activity where a strong grip is crucial. The Super Eagle Claw Grip Strengtheners can also be used to lift and swing kettle bell weights and to do dead lifts and inverted rows.

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