Protect your bones, joints and muscles in your hands and wrists from jarring impact when hitting the punching bag by wearing a pair of well padded impact absorbing bag gloves from Universal Self Defence.

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Morgan bag gloves and bag mitts help to protect your hands and joints from repetitive strain and impact injury whilst you are having the time of your life punching non stop into your favourite punching bag.

No need to complain that a punching bag or a pair of focus mitts are too rock hard when you have your hands properly wrapped and padded up with a good pair of bag gloves like you can buy at Universal Self Defence.

For punching the boxing speed ball you only need thin bag mitts as the balls are not hard and if you have too much soft padding it is harder to feel and control the boxing ball.

Morgan Bag Gloves
The Morgan brand is probably the best value when it comes to high quality gloves for boxing and they have the biggest range of bag gloves, bag mitts and cut finger bag mitt gloves with plenty of colours to choose in red, black, blue and a very cool pink design for the ladies.

Even the most economical and basic Morgan Classic Bag Mitts Curved Bag Gloves are of a very high quality. They have very high impact absorbing multilayer padding and are covered in a heavy duty Super Nylex material that looks and feels like real leather. Super Nylex does not go mouldy and is much easier to wipe clean than leather. Even though the Morgan classic bag gloves are not expensive you do not have to compromise much on quality and they provide plenty of protection and support and they come with the fist grip bar and strong and tight Velcro wrist strap.

The Morgan Platinum Curved Bag Gloves - Gel Enforced are the top of the Morgan range and are the highest professional quality bag gloves approved by the ANBF. They are made with 100 percent high quality leather and have 4 cm of high density thick inner padding with fast rebound memory so they bounce straight back after impact to their original shape instantly. The military grade extra wide 3 inch leather Velcro wrist strap feels very secure and supportive and with the new high tech silicone gel insert in the knuckle area they would have to be the best shock absorbing and most comfortable bag gloves on the market.

Boxing Bag Gloves and Bag Mitts Sizes
The sizes for boxing bag gloves and bag mitts generally come in small, medium, large and extra large adult sizes. To choose the ideal size measure the full circle right around the knuckle area of your hand and use the size chart below. it is also a good idea to add about a cm if you are going to wear hand wraps inside your gloves.

Glove Sizes - Measure the width around knuckle area in cm:
Small - 15 cm to 18 cm
Medium - 17 cm to 21cm
Large - 20 cm to 24 cm
Extra Large - 23 cm to 27cm

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