One of the best boxing coaching aids ever invented would have to be without a doubt the boxing belly pad target.

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Both body guard protectors and belly pads are regularly used by boxing coaches whilst holding focus mitt targets when giving their fighters a simulated sparring workout and a good lesson in both attacking and defensive fight strategy.
The boxing belly pads and body guards not only protect the coach but they also provide a most realistic target for the boxers to throw all their various punching combinations at when the belly pad is combined with the focus mitts targets.
At the Universal Self Defence web store the belly pads and body guards can take the heaviest of punches and although the coach may feel the force of the punch it is without the pain or the injuries.
No one loves the belly pad more than the older coaches as they allow them to train the younger fighters and give them a great workout without suffering any injury.

Morgan Belly Pad Coaching Target
The Morgan Belly Pad Coaching Target made from 100 percent leather has extra thick high density solid padding and is designed to absorb the higher impact blows around the stomach and rib area whilst providing clearly defined target areas for punching practise with body shot punching combinations. The belly pad coaching target comes with a wide adjustable buckle and leather Velcro strap closure so its very easy to put on and take off.

Morgan Gel Enforced Body Guard Protector
The Morgan body guard protector with the new shock absorbing Gel Enforced technology also has high impact absorbing layered cell foam so it can really take a pounding and protect the coach from the heaviest of punches. The Gel enforced body guard is lighter and more comfortable to wear and has cross over adjustable strapping at the back as well as an extra wide Velcro back strap to keep the body guard securely in place and the raised target areas are clearly defined which encourages more accuracy with the boxers punching combinations.

Fight Gear Pro Chest Guard Body Guard Protector
The Fight Gear Pro Series body guard protects a much bigger area from the lower abdomen right up to the upper chest and around all of the rib area. It is made from high quality leather and extra high density shock absorbing EVA foam. It is held on at the back with cross over strapping and adjustable buckles and the whole guard is contoured to fit the body more evenly. The Fight Wear body guard offers protection for the biggest overall area so it provides more protection for all those inaccurate punches.

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