Having a good weight training bench and seat is an essential piece of training equipment for your free weight training gym setup.

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Weight training benches, seats and squat boxes allow you to perform a large variety of power, strength and endurance weight lifting and weight training exercises using your free dumbbell and barbell weights both safely and more efficiently. The most important function of weight training benches, seats and squat boxes is to help you to lie or sit comfortably in exactly the right position and angle to target specific muscles groups more precisely accurately.

Weight Training Flat Benches

The Smai weight training flat bench is a sturdy piece of commercial grade weight training equipment strongly constructed with four broad flat rubber feet. It is a perfect bench that can be used with your own personal home gym equipment and is also ideal for commercial gyms, studios and clubs.

Adjustable Gym Bench Seats
Adjustable bench seats that are well designed for weight training allow you to do your bench exercises as well as your seated weight training exercises at several different angles. A very versatile commercial quality workout bench is the Smai Super Gym Bench as it can be adjusted from 85 degrees to about a 15 degree decline position with 6 adjustments in between. It is very solidly constructed and has wheels so you can easily change the position of the super gym bench and move it around the gym or roll it away for storage.

Squat Boxes
Using squat boxes is one of the best ways to practise your squats during weight training and can be adjusted to your ideal squat height to safely and more effectively workout with the best form, technique and action for your squats. The Squat Box Height Adjustable Seat has an adjustable height range from 46 cm to 62 cm and is commercial quality and is ideal for weight training gyms, clubs, studios and for CrossFit training.

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