The sport of boxing is certainly one of the most extraneous forms of activity out there. Although this form of training is a rather demanding sport, it provides a wonderful source of exercise that improves the overall well-being of the human body

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Boxing conditions the entire body in a number of ways that will be highlighted in further detail, ultimately cultivating some of the greatest fitness levels found in any sport. The physical as well as psychological benefits of boxing are extensive. Some of these characteristics include increased self-discipline and self-confidence, increased agility, speed, coordination, endurance and strength. Unlike most forms of fitness training, reflex reaction times are also improved and some of the most challenging skills are learnt.
The sport of boxing entails an extremely elevated full-body workout utilizing every part of your body from your head, hands, torso, legs etc. that will make you physically stronger as well as aerobically and anaerobically fitter. This sport provides a complete workout for your cardiovascular and endurance systems as well as training upper body, lower body and core strength.
To get into even more specifics, the calorie expenditure and fat burning are most certainly raised during boxing as it is such a high intensity workout utilizing large muscle groups and constantly keeping you moving. Boxing does not tend to add muscle bulk as much as tone and define muscle because it involves such high repetitions.
This wonderful sport is indubitably a workout that can accommodate for all levels of strength and fitness and can be enjoyed by people of all levels, from beginner to advanced participants. Drills can easily be modified to increase or decrease intensity and complexity of the workout. Boxing Equipment is a pivotal commodity to this sport as equipment is with any sport.
It is essential to have the proper equipment when training in order to yield positive results in your game.
Achieving your peak performance with maximum safety should be your number one priority when training in boxing and the Universal Self Defence online store has a full grasp of this concept. We pride ourselves on providing the best equipment around to help all the enthusiasts of boxing achieve their greatest potential.

Punching Bags & Speed Balls

Punching bags and boxing speed balls are very crucial for developing physical strength, aerobic fitness and punching techniques and power. The punching bags and boxing balls must be of the highest quality for providing longevity and endurance in order to serve the user for many years of hard training. The punching bags and boxing balls available here at Universal Self Defence come in many different shapes and sizes and are designed to accommodate all your individual training needs and include floor to ceiling boxing balls, platform speed balls, free standing punching bags, teardrop bags, heavy duty commercial quality punching bags, wall mounted punching bags, boxing balls and punching bags suspended on stands, there are punching bags designed for the ladies and kids size punching bags too and much more. There is a wide variety provided here on our online store. These bags are used in variety of training methods to improve a boxers speed, punching power, agility and stamina.

Boxing Gloves
The sport of boxing has gained mass popularity among both men and women as a means of developing body fitness, coordination, skill, timing and reflexes. It is a requirement that during training and competition you need to wear boxing gloves for safety. Boxing gloves over time have become specialized depending on what your goals are. The gloves vary from bag gloves, sparring gloves, training gloves, aerobic fitness gloves, fight gloves, competition gloves and boxing accessories etc. The sole purpose for boxing gloves is for safety. Boxing gloves protect your hands and your knuckles during workouts. Boxing gloves not only protect the boxer but also their opponent or sparring partner from excessive impact. Safety of an individual is paramount in any sporting or fitness activity and well designed boxing gloves have helped a great deal in ensuring this happens making boxing a more enjoyable and accessible sport for everyone. Boxing gloves also helps improve boxing speed and endurance, ideal size of boxing gloves provides ease and comfort for the boxer to move punches swiftly and with great power to the opponent knocking him/her within a short time and hence achieving success.

Focus Mitts & Belly Pads
For realistic sparring combination drills boxers will often work with their trainer who will hold focus mitts whilst wearing a belly pad so more realistic body punches can be practiced with maximum intensity. The trainer will also work in defensive ducking and weaving moves by throwing punches with the focus mitts or with a pair of dual-purpose focus mitts boxing gloves.

Boxing Clothes
Boxing clothes consist of light boxing shorts, singlet, boots and robe. Boxing clothes must not restrict or hold back the fighter in anyway and not come loose whilst fighting. This also makes boxing clothes great to workout in the gym. Good quality boxing shorts will always be very light and loose with extra wide elastic and drawstring waist. Boxing singlets should be a tight fit so they do not come loose and allow free movement of the shoulders for punching. Boxing boots help the fighters to have more stable footwork and protect the feet from blisters when moving around on the canvas. Boxing robes are mainly worn for presentation purposes at competitions.

Boxing Guards & Protectors
To improve the safety of the sport boxers need to wear adequate head, mouth and groin guards with abdominal protection whenever sparring in the gym or in competition. Also hand wraps help to support the hands and wrist when sparring and hitting the punching bag.

Skipping Ropes
One of the best training aids to help athletes become lighter and faster on their feet would have to be skipping ropes. It is also great for rhythm and timing and a cardio endurance workout. Boxers often skip for the same amount of time as their next boxing match so they have the fitness to remain light on their feet for the whole match. At Universal Self Defence there is big range of skipping ropes, with leather, nylon or wire cable ropes and with handles that can be wooden, pvc, steel, foam padded or handles that are specially weighted.

Boxing Rings
Boxing rings can either be elevated on a platform or mounted on the floor. The most common boxing ring that people see used with general public boxing bouts and at boxing tournaments is mounted on a platform so it is easier for everyone the see the boxing match. The floor boxing rings are most commonly used for training in boxing gyms as they are more economical and easier to mount and easier to get in and out of the ring.

  • Abdo, Groin & Mouth Guards

    Abdo, Groin & Mouth Guards
    Wearing both a groin guard and mouth guard when sparring in the ...
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  • Attachments Boxing

     Attachments Boxing
    Hooks, swivels, clips and chains to hang your punching bags and ...
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  • Bag Gloves & Bag Mitts

    Bag Gloves & Bag Mitts
    Morgan bag gloves and bag mitts help to protect your hands and ...
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  • Belly Pads

    Belly Pads
    Both body guard protectors and belly pads are regularly used by ...
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  • Boxing Clothes

     Boxing Clothes
    Boxing singlets, boxing shorts and boxing gowns or robes are ...
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  • Boxing Gloves

    Boxing Gloves
    A good pair of Morgan boxing gloves or Smai boxing gloves is not ...
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  • Boxing Packs

    Boxing Packs 
    Boxing packs contain the most essential gear you need for boxing ...
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  • Boxing Rings

    Boxing rings
    Both floor level boxing rings and raised platform boxing rings ...
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  • Boxing Shoes

    Boxing Shoes
    Mens boxing shoes and womens pink boxing boots are both ...
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  • Focus Mitts

    Focus Mitts
    With boxing focus mitts or boxing focus pads, you may have ...
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  • Free Standing Boxing Bags

    Free Standing Boxing Bags
    Ki Max and Morgan 6ft high free standing punching bags with ...
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  • Hand Wraps

     hand wraps
    Cotton hand wraps, easy hand wraps, gel hand wraps and ladies ...
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  • Hangers & Stands

    Hangers & Stands
    Hanging your punching bags and boxing balls is relatively easy ...
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  • Head Guards

     Head Guards
    Open face or full face boxing head guards are not only effective ...
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  • Punch Man

    Punch Man
    Free standing and hanging human shape punching bags can be ...
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  • Punching Bags

    Punching Bags
    There is a huge selection of punching bags to choose from at ...
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  • Skip Ropes

     skip ropes
    Jumping rope is very popular with many sports athletes when they ...
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  • Speed Balls

    Speed Balls
    Floor to ceiling boxing balls and platform speed balls are both ...
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