Boxing shoes are no doubt the best way to move around the boxing ring. Likewise boxing shoes or boxing boots are also a great way to move around the gym and are also good for casual wear and are sometimes even used as a fashion accessory.

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Mens boxing boots and shoes and womens pink boxing boots are both available to purchase online at the Universal Self Defence web store.

Of course there is no reason the ladies cannot wear the mens boxing shoes if they do not like the boxing pink boots and if the boys are into pink then they can wear the girls boxing boots. You often see footballers, cricketers and other high profile sporting athletes and even the officials wearing pink to draw attention to promote a worthy cause like womens breast cancer so why not wear pink boxing boots?

The best quality and most popular brands of boxing boots at Universal Self Defence are Morgan boxing shoes and boots and Green Hill boxing boots.

The main feature with boxing shoes and boots are they are light and thin walled and have just the right amount of grip so you can still pivot and remain extra light on your feet. And boxing boots also offer good ankle support as the lace up can be tighten from top to bottom as it goes right over the ankle and up the lower leg.

It is little wonder that boxing boots are also very popular with dancers for stage performances as boxing boots not only look great, they also still allow the dancers to do their moves while they look extra hot as they strut their stuff.

To sum it up when you are wearing a pair of high quality boxing boots or shoes they not only look good, they can improve your boxing footwork and overall performance too.

Morgan Boxing Boots and Shoes
The best value high performing boxing boots would have to be the Morgan Real Performance boxing boots and they are extra durable with the double layer of suede leather over the toes. The soles are glued and stitched and will not leave marks on your floor or gym mats. And if you need a pair of good looking boxing boots for a fashion accessory then the Morgan Real Performance boxing boots were featured in the Australian Fashion Week parade.

The best quality and highest performing boxing shoes would have to be the Morgan Endurance Pro boxing shoes, made with real genuine suede leather in a mid-cut design with tight knit mesh to keep them cooler. The soles are stitched and glued and are non marking so you can use them on mats, canvas and other floor surfaces without a worry.

If you want a pair of great looking high quality pink boxing boots that are lightweight and very comfortable and made from high quality cowhide leather then look no further than the High Performance Morgan Pink boxing boots.

Green Hill Professional High Top Boxing Boots
One of the finest pair of boxing boots you can have are the Green Hill professional high top boxing boots being made of the highest quality suede leather and they have EVA under sole padding and a upper panel Nylon mesh cooling material making them one of the most comfortable high performance boxing boots you will find.

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