Dead medicine balls are the perfect medicine ball when you do not want your medicine ball to bounce or easily roll away from you.

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Dead balls also known as slam balls with minimal bounce to them have a very durable latex high density cover so they can be dropped again and again.

Sometimes the dead medicine balls maybe called slam balls but for a better strength and endurance workout and to improve the life span of your no bounce dead ball it is much better to do a more controlled drop of the dead ball to maintain the all important strengthening weight resistance of the dead medicine ball rather than loosely slamming the ball down.

There are many great exercise you can do with your dead medicine ball that is only limited by your current level of physical fitness and your imagination. There are many informative instructional videos readily available on youtube displaying the many different types of dead ball exercises but unless you really know what you are doing then its always best to consult a qualified personal trainer.

If you need a good looking, high quality, economical and durable dead medicine ball then you should look no further than the Morgan or Smai dead ball slam medicine balls.

Ordering a dead medicine ball on the Universal Self Defence web site is really easy. The dead medicine ball prices are increased when you order a larger size. If you want to buy a few of the most popular size dead balls then it is much easier and cheaper to order a set of dead ball slam medicine balls.

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