Training with free weights and dumbbells will never go out of fashion.

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No gym is complete without dumbbells. Dumbbell weight training in one shape or form has been around for centuries originally used by wrestlers, athletes, body builders, strongmen and those wishing to increase muscle strength and size. Nowadays dumbbells are used by just about everyone for general fitness training as dumbbells are lot cheaper than expensive exercise machines and in many ways work better because using free weights engages your stabilising muscles as well as your target muscle groups much more effectively.

Rubber Hex Dumbbells
Hexagon shaped dumbbells are a much more practical shape than the traditional double round ended shape dumbbells. The hexagon shape does not roll or move around so the hexagon dumbbells are a lot more stable when you put them down on the floor or on the dumbbell rack.
The rubber Hex dumbbells at the Universal Self Defence web store are top quality and would suit any commercial gym. They have chrome contoured grips so they do not slip and feel just right clasped in your hands and the rubber coating makes them more user friendly not being as hard as cast iron dumbbells and you do not make a big metal clang noise when you put the rubber coated dumbbells down.
The rubber hex dumbbells come in many different sizes. When you place and order online the product quantity price is per kilo. So what you need to do first is work out what dumbbell sizes you require and add up the total weight in kilos and that is what the product Qty no. should be when you order. The sizes go from 1 kg to 10 kg with 1 kg increments then from 12.5 kg to 60 kg with 2.5 kg increments.
After you place your order online just let Universal Self Defence know via contact email what sizes you require with your order.

Neoprene and Soft Touch Dumbbells
The neoprene and soft touch padded dumbbells are even more user friendly and are very well balanced soft and comfy grip with the solid steel bars covered in foam rubber. These are great dumbbells for the ladies as they are only light weight ones. Light weight dumbbells can be used for building punching power, strength and endurance and are also excellent for aerobic exercises and for power walking and jogging.

Dumbbell Racks and Stands
Dumbbells can really make a gym look untidy and unorganised unless they are kept on a type of dumbbell rack stand. Dumbbells rack stands can have several horizontal level layers or can be an A-Frame shape with 2 columns of dumbbells.

At the Universal Self Defence store you can buy a set of dumbbells and a dumbbell rack stand to go with it all at the same time.

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