There is no doubt that Australians love their football, whether they follow Australian Rugby League NRL, Rugby Union ARU, Australian Rules Football AFL or Soccer FFA.

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All competitive footballers need the best football equipment available to train with. Despite the many differences and competition between various Australian codes of football, there is much they have in common, especially when it comes to the fitness training and discipline required to play at the top level. This explains how top elite players are able to successfully transition from one code of football to the other. Most importantly the modern day footballer, just like a martial arts warrior, has to be fit and tough enough to endure the hardest and most challenging physical contact. Avoiding injury and maintaining peak physical fitness is the key to not wavering right to the end of the match where many battles are either won or lost. Whilst kicking a football around a paddock is a most enjoyable past time for many Australians, to take the sport to a competitive level it is essential to have well designed fitness training and field equipment. Football equipment that maybe of interest that is readily available at the Universal Self Defence online web store include tackle bags and strike, bump and hit shields, goal post pads, corner post pads and advertising wedge banners, guards and protective gear and fitness training equipment to increase endurance, strength, speed and co-ordination.

Goal Post Pads, Corner Post Pads & Flags
Goal post pad protectors and corner post pads are standard equipment on every rugby football field for obvious safety reasons for when the players slam into them. As the goal post pads are the centre of attention they can also be used for promoting the football club and/or sponsor by putting outdoor digital stickers on them or having the vinyl covers directly printed on. Soccer corner post flags and field marking flags are good for outlining various places around the field. Usually they come in sets of four corner post flags or minimum of six field marking flags in various colours like red and yellow. The soccer corner post flag consists of floppy little red flag on folding poles that are staked into the ground. Field Marking Flags with Poles are top quality rigid flags on an agility pole. They are perfect for marking the field or using as markers for outdoor sports events or fitness training. The rigid foam filled vinyl flags are ideal for putting a sports club or sponsors logo stickers on.

Tackle Bags and Strike, Bump & Hit Shields
You need to practice tackling techniques but gradually any living creature grows weary of being repeatedly bumped, banged and grappled. These training situations are when tackle bags and other kinds of targets such strike and bump shields come in most handy. Tackle bags are heavy cylindrical objects that vary in height from three feet to five feet. Top quality Morgan, heavy duty, international tackle bags can withstand an entire rugby football team in mini, mod and senior sizes. Large tackle bags such as these are ideal for building strength and focus while being a significant cardiovascular workout. The most popular rugby tackle football bags are bright red with black trim and handles. Curved shape and L-shape rugby bump hit shields are not only a great conditioning tool but are also one of the best ways to warm up and prepare before a match without risking injury so players are fully prepared to launch themselves out onto the battle field.

Fitness Training Equipment
The key to playing all codes of football is having a high degree of agility to avoid impact from collisions and for when tackling and controlling the player with the ball. The best way to improve agility other than aerobic dance, martial arts or gymnastics is with a series of fitness drills. This can be accomplished on the field using an array of fitness devices like evasion tag belts, speed ladders, step hurdles and agility poles. Use them to set up an obstacle course then make sure the players run it over and over again to improve their agility. Fitness activity speed ladders are a great way to work on eye coordination and foot working skills. Try a power resistance belt for a more explosive start or a weight sled, sand bags or weighted vest for core fitness and endurance.

Guards & Protective Gear
It is better to be safe than sorry in some cases and for those occasions there is a wide range of guards and protective gear for Australian football and rugby players. Younger players would be well advised to sport some form of protective gear as would full contact rugby players. Protective head guards are a necessity for tournament and league play. Elasticised ankle protectors may prevent limping and poor posture and uncomfortable stinging. For rougher games and training be sure to wear your gel fit mouth guards, padded rugby tackle pants, Pro Deluxe Steel Groin Guard Protector and EVA knee pads to avoid serious injury.

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