Tackling is one of the most important aspects of the game of football. Some may argue that defence is even more important than attack, because if a team cannot score against you, then they cannot win against you.

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No-one appreciates a good defensive tackling player more than the team coach. Good defensive tackling technique not only wins football matches, it often wins man of the match with the player who has the highest tackle count. Many spectators may not notice good consistent tackling as much as the attacking players. But for every football team member, their best try saving tacklers are just as important as their players that are good in attack. The art of tackling and bringing down a player is perfected mostly in off the field football training than during match play. This is where for both the football coach and the football player the football tackle bag becomes their best friend. The best tackle bags are made using high density one piece foam covered in heavy duty rip-stop vinyl like the Morgan tackle bags available for purchase at the Universal Self Defence online store. Universal Self Defence have been supplying martial arts equipment for decades with top quality kick pads, strike shields, human shape punching bags, MMA ground and pound bags and now they have really great tackle bags too that are specifically designed for football tackle training.

Football Tackle Bags Sizes

There are various sizes with football tackle bags available at Universal Self Defence to suit the size of the players. Mini 3ft, Mod 4ft and Senior 5ft. Whilst the Senior size is designed for adults, teenagers can tackle them too. So if you want your child to be able to use their tackle for several years it is better to purchase a bigger size than the minimum size that they currently need.

Using Football Tackle Bags
The football tackle bags are made with a cylindrical piece of foam that has a flat foam bottom so you can stand the tackle bag upright by itself on a flat surface. But most often you have a coach or another player holding the tackle bag so it can be easily and quickly stood up again for the next tackle. This allows a couple of players to use the one tackle bag continuously in fast motion so everyone has a go.

The tackle bags come with handles so you can quickly and easily lift, carry and hold the bags. It is best to stand on the side of the tackle bag whilst holding it so as not to get in the way of the tackler. If the holder is going to hold the tackle bag in front of them then it is very important to make sure the holder is evenly matched or bigger and stronger than the player hitting the tackle bag or there will not be enough resistance and the holder may get bowled over and knocked around too much.

It is important the holder is well prepared and braces themselves for the impact and makes sure there is a soft surface to fall back on and that someone is not behind them or any object like a wall close by that the holder maybe flown back into. Correct tackling technique is very important so make sure you talk to your qualified football coach before you rush in and tackle your tackle bag.

Tackle bags are a great conditioning tool for the rough and tumble of the game. It is important to choose a compatible landing surface so you can tackle again and again without bruising or injuring yourself. A soft landing mat is ideal to build the confidence of a beginner so they can progress onto a firmer surface once their technique has been perfected. Shock absorbing mats available from Universal Self Defence that are usually used for martial arts provide an ideal surface for tackle bag training so you can train indoors.

When you are finished using your football tackle bags they are easy to keep clean as they are made with very tough rip stop vinyl that you can just sponge down with warm water, detergent and a little disinfectant and wipe dry so they will be right to go again for the next tackle bag workout.

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