Every Aussie loves to throw a football around, even though they may only be a football fan and have never actually played a real game.

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Especially during the football season you will often see scores of people of all ages playing around with a football in any just about any available open space they can find, on our beaches, in the parks, out in the backyard or where ever else there is an open paddock.

Aussies love to kick and pass a football around just for the fun and enjoyment of pretending you to be a star, even if it is just for a brief moment in time.

Now you can have your own custom printed Rugby League footballs or Rugby Union footballs for everyone to pass around featuring your club and sponsors logos custom made to order.

Your custom printed footballs will no doubt be the centre of attention and be seen everywhere, in the parks, on the beaches and in clubs and schools.

All you need to do is select the minimum quantity of over 100 footballs and the size and quality grade you require and add to your wishlist or contact Universal Self Defence for a quote to present to your club or corporate committee for approval.

You can choose from a huge selection of great looking template designs with hundreds of patterns to pick from and then add your sponsors or club logos with up to ten thousand colours allowed per print. Also colour code matching is available to assure your club or sponsors colours turn out exactly the way you require.

When you are thinking about promotion there is nothing better than a flying football to catch your attention, especially when they are custom printed with bold bright colours using the premium quality Japanese inks, people will not easily forget the promotional logo design that is displayed on your custom designed football.

When you order your custom printed footballs from Universal Self Defence you can have a combination of mixed grades and sizes to make up the minimum quantity order of 100 Rugby League or Rugby Union footballs. The prices vary depending on the ball grade with 3 Ply or 4 Ply for club training or for match play available. Also cost varies with the football sizes as you can have size 3 for Mini rugby league or rugby union, size 4 for Mod League or for Midi Rugby or size 5 for the Senior grades with rugby league or rugby union footballs.

When ordering custom made footballs it is highly recommended that you plan well ahead so your custom made footballs are delivered in plenty of time for your next major promotional event. You need to allow at least 4 to 5 weeks for the custom made footballs manufacture starting from the time the artwork is finalised and approved and a order deposit is made.

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