When playing physically demanding sports you want to avoid getting bruised repeatedly on your arms and legs particularly on the shins and over the forearm area.

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Padded forearm guards and shin pad guards will help you to prevent bruising injuries and can also help improve your performance as it gives you much more confidence knowing you are not going to get your shins and forearms bruised and bashed about.

It is always important to wear some form of protection on your arms and legs to stop general pain and suffering affecting your performance and to prevent severe bruising and tissue damage that could lead to more long term injury taking much of the pleasure and enjoyment out of your favourite sport.

Universal Self Defence supplies padded forearm and shin pad guards can be used for all kinds of sporting activities as well as for combat martial arts.

Here at Universal Self Defence you will find the type of elasticated forearm pads and shin pad guard protectors that are very easy to slip on and slip off just like a sock and will still allow you to move around comfortably and freely whilst protecting you from many annoying injuries so you can enjoy your sport more than ever before.

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